ViaSure™ is the only men’s sexual health device with proprietary SoftWave® technology scientifically proven to increase blood flow (angiogenesis) ad restore smooth muscle cells.

Treat the Source Not Just the Symptom

Powered by SoftWave® technology, the ViaSure™ treatment is scientifically proven to increase blood flow and restore smooth muscle cells, effectively treating the underlying causes of vascular-related performance issues. Which means no drugs, no surgery, no downtime.

  • Quick, 15 minute in-office treatments
  • Consists of 4-6 sessions
  • Minimal to no pain experienced

No Other Treatment Harnesses SoftWave® Technology

The ViaSure™ device utilizes a patented reflector design ensuring optimal, consistent coverage and depth of shockwave energy. Upon delivery, a cellular response is triggered activating the body’s natural healing process resulting in:

  • Angiogenesis – the formation of new blood vessels to increase blood flow into the penis
  • The proliferation of smooth muscle cells to restore tissue elasticity