If you’ve had surgery and are still in pain (or maybe surgery isn’t for you)…

Or, you suffer from ricocheting stubborn pains, and nothing has helped…

And you’re tired and simply don’t want another “might work” procedure or injection…

Then come to Alaska Center for Pain Relief – we have something for you.

SCS is:

  • Covered by insurance
  • Doesn’t require medications
  • Doesn’t require traditional surgery

And has proven to lessen all those stubborn pains by 50 – 75%.


What is SCS?

An SCS device is the size of a matchbox and stimulates the damaged nerves in your spine that cause pain in different areas. Think of it as a pacemaker that sends a pulse to the end of these nerves to block the pain from making it to your brain so you feel it less – no matter where you feel it.


SCS is used to lessen that relentless, annoying pain associated with:

  • Chronic pain throughout the body
  • Failed spinal cord surgery
  • Neuropathy
  • Many other types of pain that different treatments can’t seem help with.

SCS is also an alternative to opioids. Opioids cause 220+ deaths daily in the US, and 90% of failed surgery sufferers rely on these dangerous medications.



If you are a candidate for SCS, we help work with your insurance company to make sure they pay for the test.

Why is there a test?

Your SCS test makes sure that the device is right for you and helps relieve the pain you are experiencing. It only takes a short time to put in the SCS and a week to test it out. If it doesn’t help your pain, we take it out, and put a small bandage over the location – typically on your lower back – and you’re ready for your day.

There is no downtime, and you are usually back to your normal schedule as soon as you leave the office for both placement and removal of the SCS device.

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