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Millions of Americans live with daily chronic pain in their neck, shoulders, back and joints. Persistent pain is life-altering for patients – causing missed work days, continuous discomfort, lack of sleep and an overall degraded enjoyment of life’s daily activities.

Nearly 100 million people suffer the continual discomfort caused by conditions ranging from injuries, joint pain, or arthritis to more serious conditions, such as degenerative disc disease or herniated discs. In years past, many of these conditions could only be treated through surgical procedures and the prognosis for a pain-free future was not guaranteed.

Alaska Center for Pain Relief was founded with the simple goal of providing comprehensive, minimally-invasive, non-surgical alternatives to pain management. While the treatments we offer have excellent results, we recognize that each patient requires an individualized, well-reasoned approach to managing their pain. We carefully work to diagnose the exact causes of your pain and we will help you to understand the exact physiology of your condition without bogging you down in cryptic medical jargon.

Our physicians understand the physical and emotional toll that living with daily pain can exact on patients. They also know that helping patients to understand the root causes of their pain can greatly assist in the success of the treatments for that pain. Using state-of-the-art visualization technology and advanced diagnostic procedures, our physicians can pinpoint the causes of most painful conditions and successfully administer a wide variety of non-surgical solutions to ease – and in many cases, eliminate – the daily discomfort that so many people have previously had to endure.

Our treatments methods are well-proven and widely used and they are covered by nearly all insurance programs. Most of our procedures are performed right in our offices and provide almost immediate results.

Why Choose Us?

Alaska Center for Pain Relief offers a variety of non-surgical pain relief solutions that are designed to provide maximum benefit with the same-day, out-patient care.

Our pain management programs are tailered to each patient. We focus on your exact symptoms and plan the best course to precisely target your individual pain symptoms.

Alaska is a beautiful, friendly place to live. Just imagine how much better it will be when you are finally able to enjoy it – free from the discomfort of chronic pain!

Health insurance

The world of health insurance can often times be confusing. We will always work to verify your benefits so that you have a clear picture of what your treatment will cost. We understand the ins and outs of health insurance and want to make sure there are no surprises. Our practice accepts Worker’s Compensation and non-third party Auto Insurance Claims.

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