Do you suffer from failed back surgery, chronic pain, or does
getting more treatment (that doesn’t work) make you nervous?

Constant pain causes frustration, it stops you from living freely, and doing all the things you love. And we know all of this causes you to feel defeated. At Alaska Center for Pain Relief, we help you fix all that. We offer you different ways to get out of the trenches of pain and doubt and get back to living the comfortable life you should be living — without medications and more surgeries.

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What is SCS and how can it help me?

Imagine testing an option for 50-75% more pain relief to ensure it works – and have insurance pay for it. And that is easy to do, doesn’t involve surgery, and you’ll know if it works for you after just a week.

Over 90% of spinal surgery patients end up on opioids. Opioids cause 220+ deaths a day. If you are suffering from post-surgical pain, don’t you think it’s worth knowing that you can get the relief you need without drugs or more scalpels?

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